The Best Payment Plans for Students

Students can really benefit with payment plans from We actively shop for the best deals for desktop, tablets, and laptops on payment plans, and we feel that our product selection is among the best in the industry – with the brands students love, including Apple, Dell, Lenovo, and more!

Often, students have little or no credit, which makes it a burden to finance a decent laptop. It’s easy to find rent-to-own programs, but the products those companies offer are well-used, and when it comes to technology, ”well-used” can often mean “not reliable.” Students depend on laptops and computers to do their work, so “not reliable” means “not good enough.” However, new laptops can be expensive, and without credit, students get stuck. is designed to help students solve this challenge. Here’s why:

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  • our products are new, and outstanding
  • our prices are fair
  • our early payoff options help students bridge some sensitive areas in their finances
  • no credit check means no hit to your credit
  • once you’re approved, $49 (+ sales tax) gets you started
  • our online-only transaction makes it easy to get a quality laptop on a payment plan

Give us a try! It costs nothing to sign up, and if you get approved and start your payment plan, we promise to ship fast!

**Payment frequency varies based on your application and may be weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. Customers on monthly income (ex. fixed income) will receive a monthly payment. All payments exclude sales tax.