Why is PaymentPlanOutlet.com quickly becoming the leader in online payment plans?

In our store, you’ll find almost any personal computing product, including laptops and desktops, on payment plans. Our site is built in a way that allows you choice – you can purchase the item, or get a payment plan for it. On some items, like 3D printers, our sales price to you is well below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. These are some real deals!

We offer:

  • Instant decisions on applications
  • The best payment plans to fit your lifestyle
  • A huge variety of products, latest laptops and tablets, on payment plans
  • One first payment of $49 and your order ships!

Don’t be fooled by other companies’ special in-store promotions or TV commercials that offer you 24 months of “low payments” on a computer. Our experience in examining these deals are that they are no deal at all – they offer low-end, and often used, products that are extremely marked up. We offer much more modest prices, because we are online and don’t have hundreds of stores with thousands of employees to pay for. Our overhead is low, and YOU can reap the benefits of it.

**Payment frequency varies based on your application and may be weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. Customers on monthly income (ex. fixed income) will receive a monthly payment. All payments exclude sales tax.