General Questions

  • The process to get payment plans from could not be simpler. Just fill out our easy online application, and you’ll receive an instant decision, with an approval code and amount. Register on our site to shop and checkout once you are approved!

  • To see our available inventory, browse our shop. We have thousands of products in our inventory! Our payment plans are some of the best in the industry – AND we’re online-only, which means no walking into stores to make payments or dealing with high-pressure salespeople!

  • All the products you see on are brand-new! Unlike typical rent-to-own stores, you won’t be paying top-dollar for old, outdated technology. We offer payment plans on some fantastic products, and we encourage you to take a look! Our inventory changes frequently, so we encourage you to apply today!

  • Once the first payment is processed, we typically ship to our customers within 1-2 business days, and most people receive their merchandise within 5-7 business days. If you require expedited shipping, please contact us prior to signing your agreement to discuss the options.

Application Process

  • No. At, there is NO credit check, so you are not at the mercy of lenders who rely solely on credit scores. Our customers view this as a breath of fresh air!

  • We require some basic information about you in our application. We need to know your contact information and a little bit about your source of income. We want to approve as many people as possible, so to improve your chances of getting approved, use the following as guidelines:

    • Must be at least 18 years old and have a valid SSN
    • Must have a valid email address and phone number
    • Must have an active checking account with at least 90-days of history
    • Must have a credit/debit card for the first payment
    • Must have a verifiable source of income (fixed income is okay)

    We hope this helps you get approved!

  • Yes. Because no credit is required, we won’t know anything about your credit history to make approval decisions. For example, students with little or no credit history find our products and prices to be very attractive, and we help them solve a need: get great technology on reasonable payment plans.

  • Start here to get the process going immediately, or wait for your approval email for more information.

    After you receive your approval email, shop on our site to complete the checkout process.

Billing & Payments

  • No, we do not charge an application fee, and there is no credit check, so it’s virtually risk free to apply!
  • Yes, and we encourage customers to take advantage of our early payoff options! We have two options for paying off early:
    1. 90-day Early Payoff Option: during the first 90 days, you have the option of paying off your lease at the retail cost (plus the initial payment of $49 and sales tax.) Using this option saves you the most money.
    2. Anytime Early Buyout: after the first 90 days, payoff your account at anytime for 65% of the total lease value. Contact your underwriter for more details, as this will vary based on where you are in your agreement.
    If you decide you want to pay off early, contact your underwriter to make the arrangements!
  • There is no application fee. After you apply and decide to move forward with one of our payment plans, you’ll have one up-front charge: the first payment, which is always $49 plus sales tax. We don’t charge an additional fee for shipping, so this is the only charge prior to the shipment of your merchandise!
  • Because we work with suppliers all over the country, is able to offer free shipping on all of our merchandise! You can shop our store for the products you want, and know that we don’t add any additional fees when you get to the cart! Just make the first payment of $49 (+ sales tax) when you e-sign your documents, and we ship within 1 business day in most cases!
  • Your initial payment frequency is determined based on the information you provide in the application; this may be weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. If you need to make changes to this, please contact your underwriter to see what options are available!