About PaymentPlanOutlet.com and UpgradeUSA.com

Welcome to PaymentPlanOutlet.com, your online source for easy payment plans for great technology!

PaymentPlanOutlet.com is the result of years of working with people across the US, who needed a payment plan for technology – and listening to their wants, needs, and personal situations. This journey began with UpgradeUSA, which can be found at UpgradeUSA.com. We started UpgradeUSA focused on a singular mission: help people better afford the technology they need for home, work, or school.

Over time, it became clear to us that there were plenty of people in this country who want the latest technology, but would prefer to pay for it in a flexible way that doesn’t involve a hard credit check – and building credit is not a top priority to them.

So after careful planning, we created PaymentPlanOutlet.com, which is a division of UpgradeUSA. The sites have different goals and different payment plans, but we are passionately pursuing the same objective: help people across this great country better afford the latest technology that they need for home, work or school.

We offer:

  • Laptop payment plans – 2-in-1 laptops, touchscreen laptops, gaming laptops, Chromebooks
  • Desktop payment plans – all-in-one desktops, touchscreen desktops, gaming desktops
  • Tablet payment plans – Apple tablets, Samsung tablets, Dell tablets, e-Reader tablets
  • …and hundreds of thousands of other sought-after technology products, everything from gaming systems to 3D printers – all on payment plans!

Our business is entirely online, making it easy for you to get payment plans on the things you want and need for home, work, or school. Among our services, we offer:

  • No credit check
  • 90 days same as cash payoff option
  • Online convenience
  • Fast, FREE shipping
  • New products at fantastic prices
  • Up to 12 months to fully pay off

Our service is much more convenient, with better products, than other options that customers might have, including rent-to-own or layaway. Why wait months to get the product you want, when you can order it here online and receive it fast?

The PaymentPlanOutlet.com program is perfect for:

  • Students with little or no credit
  • Freelancers on a tight budget
  • Anyone who prefers to spend on a monthly budget, instead of spending a lot of money up-front for a product they really want or need.
  • People who want to shop at a company that treats them with the respect they deserve.

Our program is fair, our prices are right, and our commitment to customers is outstanding. We’re glad you’re here.